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Lumiere is the premier NFT toolbox that suits all your needs.

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Never miss a NFT whitelist again. Lumiere will provide you with the tools necessary to succeed. From the giveaway joiner, to the invite joiner, we will never let you miss a whitelist again. No longer will you have to constantly log in and out of accounts trying to increase your chances of winning a giveaway. You can now have to ability to automate all of this in one place!

NFT Alpha

We also provide info to help our members secure whitelist for some of the most coveted projects! Our goal is to make Lumiere a one stop shop for all of your every needs. Along with providing an amazing tool, we want to guide you on how to use it the highest degree. While you support us, we're here to support you and help you succeed!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Lumiere Cost?

Lumiere currently costs 0.03 ETH and 0.01 ETH once a month. Our renewals are subject to change, and will always be updated here.

When Does Lumiere Restock?

our restocks will always be announced on our twitter before hand, so follow us and don't forget to turn on notifications to stay alert.

Is Lumiere Open To Groupbuys?

Yes, we are open to groupbuys, please direct messages to Lyfz#0001 or Icy#3333 on discord or @lumiere_ai on twitter.


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